Is Your Child’s Friend Living in an Abusive Home?

As a parent, your number one priority is always the safety of your child. Protecting them as they grow from infancy to adulthood means there are countless things that you must consider in regards to your child’s safety. However, once you have implemented good morals, behaviour, and rituals in your child, it becomes important to… Read More

But the Dog is Mine! Tips to Help You Retain Or Regain Pet Ownership

As a Washington animal law attorney, many of the calls I receive involve disputed ownership and possession of pets. These disputes most commonly result from messy divorces or breakups; where a pet owner entrusted their pet to a friend (usually at this point an ex-friend) for longer-term boarding or care; or when a Good Samaritan… Read More

Gemma Zanowski: A Passion for Justice

There are many common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding those in the legal profession. While some may be true and most may be caricature, Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney Gemma Zanowski unapologetically breaks the mold of the traditional attorney. Gemma’s passion for justice comes from her love for connection. It’s why she chose injury law. It’s… Read More

Taking on the State of Washington for a Most Vulnerable Population

The most rewarding legal cases are the ones where you get to help people who otherwise are unable to help themselves. For over a year, I’ve been working on a case that involves a woman named Maryann Stallone. Maryann is non-verbal and severely autistic. However, anyone who meets her can see immediately that she’s a… Read More

A Not-So Easy Topic to Discuss: Sensitive-Injury Cases

There has always been a disparity in the ratio of female attorneys compared to our male counterparts. According to research from the American Bar Association Market Research Department, statistics shows that women only make up about 36 percent of all attorneys. More female attorneys are needed to balance out the gender disparity in the legal industry. We bring… Read More

Who Gets the Dog: Fighting for Fido in Washington state

I often receive questions regarding pet custody. In fact, pet custody disputes are a growing portion of the cases in my animal law practice. For many pet owners like myself, pets are more than just a companion, and certainly more than a chair or an appliance; they are a part of the family. Although many… Read More