October 16, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Hi there! My name is Gemma Zanowski and I’m proud to call myself the latest addition to the legal team at Evergreen Personal Injury Council. I chose a career in personal injury law because my heart has always been committed in helping those who don’t otherwise have a voice in the legal justice system.

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Some of my favorite cases I’ve worked on include: a case where we sued a funeral home for improperly preparing and shipping the remains of a young soldier, a case where our client almost died after a botched pedicure, a case we settled with Planned Parenthood because their practitioner didn’t sterilize surgical instruments before performing an abortion, and a case involving a low-impact rear-end collision where our client ended up needing a total knee replacement. In part, these cases were notable to me because they involved unique or obscure legal issues that represented an engaging challenge. But they also were particularly memorable because in each of these cases I had a strong connection with and profound respect for my clients. I love my clients.

Tacoma Animal Law is a particularly strong passion of mine, which is why I’ve dedicated myself to seeking animal justice in all aspects of my life. I founded and volunteer for a local animal rescue organization, have published many articles about animal law, and am a proud board member or chair for such organizations as the WSBA Animal Law Small Section and the Prison Pet Partnership. As the caretaker of two bunnies and two dogs, I am deeply committed to animal welfare.

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Apart from my animal-related interests, I like to spend my time outside of the office volunteering, supporting the performing arts at ballet or broadway shows, reading, road biking, running, and hiking. I love finding every opportunity I can to explore each of the many beautiful places the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

I look forward to sharing my life experiences, love of food, thoughts and passions through this blog, and hope that you enjoy them! Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting!